How to outgrow your sugar crutch

You may already know that you want to eat less sugar. But if you get stuck in the how – how to move from the desire to eat less sugar into actually doing it – then consider this:

It’s not about will power

If you’ve tried eating less sugar before, you may have found it hard to resist temptation, day in and day out.

You may have tried using will power, white knuckling it, and bribing yourself (promising yourself a reward if you stay off sugar) to stay sugar free. But at some point, your will power peters out. After 7, 15, or 20 days, you’re tired of saying no. You’re stressed from trying *not* to eat sugar!

You may even go back to eating sugar and be caught in the binge/restrain see saw. You may think it’s impossible.

It is possible – but it does take a different approach.

There is a way to:

  • Cut down on your sugar intake without the binge/restrain see saw.
  • Eat less sugar without trying to eat perfectly, controlling every craving or white knuckling it.
  • Have a relaxed, peaceful relationship with food even while limiting your sugar intake.

A sugar addict who found the way out

Karly Randolph Pitman
I was a sugar addict all my life, constantly struggling with sugar cravings. During my late teens and early 20s, my sugar addiction worsened and became out of control. I regularly binged on sugar late in the day until I felt sick – sometimes I purged afterwards, either through exercise, laxatives, or by throwing up. This pain lasted until my mid 30s – for nearly 20 years.

At this time, I was exhausted by the up and down emotions, the weight gain, and the pain of a sugar hangover.

I felt so ashamed because I knew better! I realized I needed to stop eating sugar. I got the “why.” I’d read all the experts who told me all about the “why” and the “what.”

I knew what I needed to do. But I couldn’t follow through. It took me over a decade to understand the “how” – and to be able to put it into practice in my daily life. Through my personal trials, I learned that controlling cravings through will power is not the answer. 

Instead, I learned how to say no to sugar in a gentle, self loving, and sustainable way. In The 30 Day Lift, you’ll learn the “how” so you can do the “what” – eat less sugar. You’ll learn the teachings and tools that will help you create the peaceful life you’re wanting.

How to make it through the first 30 days

Many of us struggle with implementing change in our lives by following written step-by-step instructions.

Overcoming Sugar Addiction

The 30 Day Lift uses audio, which offers personal and effective support – an experience similar to working with your own private coach. This structured support will help you make the transition during the first 30 days when the changes feel most uncomfortable, new and scary.

You’ll learn what to do each day for 30 days so you can gently, compassionately reduce the amount of sugar you’re eating or stop eating sugar altogether. You’ll receive daily direction so you stay on course and rest in the safety of having a map to get from “here” to “there.”

What it includes

Here’s what you’ll learn in each day’s audio:

  • Day 1 – The #1 need to eat less sugar
  • Day 2 – How to tap into the part of you that helps you change
  • Day 3 – How you know you’re ready to eat less sugar
  • Day 4 – Why naming your commitment is essential
  • Day 5 – What fuels changes with sugar
  • Day 6 – The top 5 barriers to eating less sugar
  • Day 7 – How to create a supportive environment
  • And more…

The program extends 30 days. You can try the first 7 days for free when you sign-up here.

As you work through this program, expect to feel:

  • supported as you work through the change process
  • validated in your feelings and experiences
  • relieved as your shame, guilt and self blame is softened
  • lightened as you forgive yourself for having sugar issues in the first place
  • strong and capable to actually follow through on not eating sugar

Most importantly, all the energy you spend obsessing about sugar, criticizing yourself for what you’re eating, or in trying to force yourself to “be good” and eat “right” can be directed to those things that are most important to you – your deeper dreams, goals and purpose.

What you need to eat less sugar

It’s not just about changing what you eat. To successfully eat less sugar, you need to support internal changes like:

  • moving your motivation center out of the inner critic and into your heart
  • shifting your self talk to be more nurturing, loving and kind
  • caring for emotions underneath the cravings
  • being able to mix opposing feelings (“I want to eat the sugar” and “I don’t want to eat the sugar.”)

 In fact, this internal healing is what makes the “what” – the external changes – possible.

In The 30 Day Lift, you’ll learn how to support your brain, your mind, and your heart so you can take your desire to eat less sugar and actually do it. And you’ll learn how to make these changes in a way that keeps your tender heart intact.

You choose how much sugar to eliminate

You don’t have to give up sugar 100% to benefit from the 30 Day Lift. In fact, I encourage people to start with simply eating less sugar – for many people, this is what they need, as total abstinence isn’t their goal. If you do want to eliminate sugar entirely, you’ll also learn the tools to take that step.

Learn the best of intuitive eating and sugar free diets

You’ll also learn how to balance having a relaxed peaceful relationship with food with loving limits – such as a limit of not eating sugar. It doesn’t have to be either / or – a diet / restrictive eating /all structure approach vs. an intuitive / relaxed / all freedom approach.

The 30 Day Lift takes the best of both worlds to find a balanced, middle way approach for staying off of sugar.

Sign-up to try the 30 Day Lift

If you hired my coaching service for 30 days — the equivalent time we’ll spend together if you choose the Lift program — you’d pay over $2000 to get personal one-on-one encouragement. The 30 Day Lift delivers the best value during these difficult first weeks when support is most needed.

The 30 Day Lift will be delivered online with download of mp3 audios. Links and audio encouragements arrive by email.

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Reviews and feedback from people further down the path

CarolHeffler80x80“I want to tell you how much the 30 Day Lift has done for me. I’m 63 years old with a lifelong sugar addiction, and so far this is the only program that has REALLY helped. Your spiritual and caring approach makes all the difference in the world to one who has tried to punish and criticize herself out of the suffering. Your program is brilliant.”

- Carol Heffler, singer, pianist, and songwriter

“I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying the 30 Day Lift! WOW!!! It is so comforting hearing your voice every day and having that encouragement each day. I am on day 3 of my container of “sugar free.” I am basically remaining sugar free in all my meals.

I am keeping a journal throughout and doing my best at following through with all my tasks. It has been so awesome and I really love this format!

I actually had a very stressful moment at work today and I thought I need to eat something. But……I actually told myself “It is ok dear one, you can handle this” and voila…no sugar consumed!!

Lizanne Miskelly, CharlotteNorth Carolina

Thank you so much for your program.  It has helped me tremendously.  I was bingeing out of control on sugar and baked goods for 3-4 months before your program due to crazy premenopausal hormones.  I have now been sugar-free for 39 days and I feel wonderful.  Your teaching about being sensitive and learning to be kind and compassionate to ourselves was very key for me.  I am very grateful for you!

Diana Morgan

Diana Morgan, Norman, Oklahoma

“My experience in using the 30 day lift – particularly on round 2 (I’m using it to change other behaviors beyond food as I found it so helpful the 1st time around) – is that all the safety that Karly has built into the beginning of the process is making it safer and safer for me to give up my self sabotaging behavior.

Karly has shown me that giving up these foods (and ways of behavior) is really about growing my self love and kindness. Thank you, Karly!!” – Char Brooks, health counselor/coach and attorney

Char Brooks, Okemos, Michigan

“Karly’s deeply compassionate heart, makes her abilities unsurpassed in addressing the sensitive issues connected to our painful eating habits and body image.

“Her comprehensive and holistic mind, body and spirit approach, provided me with the tools I needed to move gently and lovingly down the path of healing. I greatly appreciate the gifts she so lovingly and generously shares.”

Joan JacobsLife Coach/Louise Hay Workshop LeaderNashville, Tennessee

“I’m on day 17 of your 30 Day Lift. I’m 28 now and I’ve been on this “food journey” now for as long as I can remember. Not only do I have food issues, but I have a digestive condition to throw into the mix, which tends to make everything more confusing and convoluted…

I really want to thank you for your work, Karly. I freaking love your vulnerability. It helps me to remember the beauty of sharing my own “dark sides,” because we all have them. And we can all heal faster and with more grace when we’re all committed to the honesty and love it takes to allow ourselves to be seen.

This 30 Day Lift is helping me with food stuff as well as just softening all of my compulsive behaviors. The concept of self-compassion has come into my life in so many ways over the years, but you have had the most genuine impact. Thank you again from the depths of my heart.

Lauren Godlove, Long BeachCalifornia

“The true principles you teach resonate so strongly with me! I’ve had my “off again”, “on again” periods of highs and lows with sugar, but I’m happy to say I’m once again living a sugar free joyful life thanks to your wonderful support!

Tammy Morse, CentennialColorado

No testimonials found

“I listen to your soothing voice [on the Overcoming Sugar Addiction for Life audio CD's] often as I listen to you when I walk, work in my studio, and sometimes if I cannot sleep. The years I have been listening to your message have brought such hope.

“I really thought the way I was was pretty much the way it was. But looking back, I see such changes in my behavior. I eat a fraction of the sugar I once did, I am even more thoughtful about what I eat and now how much and when I eat.

“And the changes in behavior regarding food then seem to then spill over changes in other area. A real blessing. And you are the catalyst and the guide.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Lynelle Hicks, Los Angeles, California

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Frequently asked questions

Listen to an introduction by Karly Randolph Pitman

Q: What does this program contain?

A: Each day for 30 days you’ll receive an audio message, a brief written message, and tasks to complete for that day. Think of it as 30 days of virtual coaching from Karly to get through the first 30 days of a reduced or no sugar diet. You’ll learn tools and then practice putting them into place to move from intellectual knowledge (knowing what to do) into experiential knowledge (actually doing it.)

Rather than having to control your environment so you can say no to sugar, you’ll learn how to grow your impulse control and increase that inner capability of “I can handle this” – no matter where you find yourself or what sugar treat you’re facing.

  1. Each day for 30 consecutive days you’ll an email with an MP3 audio lesson and a little “to do” list. The audio gives you a “how to” that you’ll need to stop eating sugar, and the “to do” tasks get you out of theory and into practice – doing something.
  2. The daily audios average about 15 minutes long.
  3. The to do list includes spending 20 minutes each day meditating, in quiet, or in silence – a way of finding connection and lowering stress. In my experience, change is impossible without this deeper connection.
  4. Structured guidance on what to do each day – an easy map to follow so you don’t have to figure out what to do on your own.
  5. When the sugar cravings arise, you’ll have 4 different tools at your disposal – ways of compassionately working with cravings.
  6. Visualization and journaling exercises to cement this work on a deep, healing level.
  7. Proven ways to incorporate your spiritual practices and beliefs into your journey.

These materials are delivered to you by email, and the audios are in mp3 format for easy downloading. You’ll also be given access to a special downloads page where all emails and mp3′s are archived for your reference.

Q: How is it delivered?

A: Once you purchase the program, you’ll receive an email receipt of your purchase and an email inviting you to subscribe to the email list. Once you subscribe to the email list, you’ll receive your first email of the program within 24 hours, and 1 email a day afterwards for 30 days.

Q: Does that mean if I lose an email (or it’s not delivered) that I’ll lose the program?

A: No. Once you buy the program you’ll also be given a link and password to access a private page for the 30 Day Lift. This page will have links to all of the content for your reference – the audios, emails, and tasks to complete.

Q: What if I want to buy The 30 Day Lift today but I want to begin at a later time? I’m concerned I’ll lose the emails or that they’ll clutter up my in box.

A: You’re welcome to purchase the course now and to use it at a later time. You can delay your receipt of the 30, daily emails by waiting to subscribe to the email list.

Once you decide you’re ready, subscribe to the email list. You’ll start receiving these daily emails, once each day for 30 days.

Q: Can I use this program more than once?

A: Yes! Use it as many times as you need. It’s yours to use as you like. In fact, you can use the tools and structure of this course to shift any habit – whether it’s food or non food related.

Q: Do I have to give up sugar 100% to do this program?

A: No. Your commitment is individual to you. You can use The 30 Day Lift to either reduce or eliminate the amount of sugar you’re eating.

In the 30 Day Lift, I encourage you to honestly (and courageously) honor your edge and to tailor the lift to you. So you choose your level of commitment for these 30 days: do you want to stop eating sugar 100%, or do you want to reduce the amount of sugar you eat?

You don’t have to give up sugar 100% to benefit from the 30 Day Lift. Start where you are. If that is minimizing/reducing how much sugar you eat, embrace that learning curve. And when you’re ready – when eliminating sugar is your edge of possibility, I encourage you to take that step, too.

Q: How is this program different than Karly’s other products?

A: This is the most structured, hands on program that Karly offers, with daily tasks and audios to listen to. If you are wanting a structured map, this program is for you.

It’s also focused one area of “food stuff:” habit change. Whereas other programs, like Heal Overeating: Untangled, are more comprehensive and far reaching, this program is more focused on 1 area of challenge – changing habits.

Q: Should I read Overcoming Sugar Addiction before doing this course?

A: Yes. This course is designed for those who want to take what they learned in Overcoming Sugar Addiction and to put it into action. I’ve assumed that you’ve read the book before doing this course.

Q: Whenever I commit to eating less sugar, I end up bingeing like crazy the night before I begin! Help!

A: As you consider this program, please don’t think you might as well binge the night before, thinking this will be your last opportunity to ever eat sugar again. It’s not.

I’ve structured the program to be gentle, doable and sustainable. This means you’ll spend the first 10 days preparing yourself so you’ll feel strong and capable when you stop or reduce your sugar intake on day 11.

So dear one, you don’t need to binge today to get one last fix before you begin the lift. Care for your fear and reassure this part of you that you’re safe, that you’re okay – that you’re taking this slowly, one baby step at a time.

Q: What if I don’t want to order using a credit card?

A: Please call us at (888) 297-7076 and we’ll find a solution. We also accept paypal as a payment option.

Q: Why do you say this isn’t about will power? How else can I control my sugar cravings?

First, it’s about your habits in how you cope and respond to emotions. Habit change is not achieved through will power, the intellect, through gutting it out and white knuckling it. Habit change is achieved through unconditional self acceptance, self kindness, and self compassion.

  • When you judge and shame yourself, you become defensive. You can’t learn or grow. On a brain level, you move into “fight or flight” and move to protect yourself.
  • Being compassionate with yourself moves the brain out of “fight or flight” (or fight, flight or feed!) mode and into the higher regions of the brain – where you have greater impulse control and can live according to your deeper values.
  • Judgment is a learned behavior and can be unlearned. Self compassion is also a learned behavior, and one that can be learned, practiced, and made a part of your daily life.
  • Learn how to practice self compassion in concrete, specific ways during the first 30 days without sugar to move your brain out of fight or flight and into growth. That equals habit change.

Many of us believe that changing a habit is simply a matter of will power. You may think you just need to get yourself together – to be more organized, determined, and disciplined – and then you’ll be able to “get control” of your sugar addiction, weight problems, and more.

You do not have to beat yourself up to change. You find the will – the courage – to say no to sugar through wholeheartedness, by loving every part of yourself.

How to order