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Kindness to yourself, not punishment, is how you stop

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‘Karly helped me eat less sugar, and so much more’

“When I read Karly’s book Overcoming Sugar Addiction for the first time, I could not believe that someone “out there” understood my struggle with sugar in such an intimate way. Reading her story felt like reading my own. In her kind, soothing, and understanding way, she shared that I was not alone, she too had obsessed, binged, and raged against sugar’s all consuming hold over her mind, body, and emotions.

In her revelatory book she has created a step-by-step guide to healing sugar addiction through understanding, love and compassion for one’s deeper self. Karly’s dedication to helping those struggling with sugar addiction and binge eating patterns has been a true blessing in my life. I highly recommend her work if you have ever struggled with sugar, in any way.

Esther Piszczek, Duluth, MinnesotaMinnesota

Caterina Arends“What Karly offers (classes, calls, CD’s, books, workbook, blog writings) and who she is IS as a person, have all been a core part of my finally being successful at being free of my addictive sugar patterns.

“Karly’s Overcoming Sugar Addiction for Life CD’s gave me several “a ha’s” into my wounded emotional parts that would always return to seeking out sugar when I was under stress.

“Karly’s incredible compassion, wisdom and openess have helped me heal. I have now been sugar free for over a year, have lost 30 lbs and now swim daily.

“It feels soooo good to feel whole and and to be making healthy choices for myself.”

Caterina Arends, life coach, San Antonio, TexasHigher Vision Coaching

“The true principles you teach resonate so strongly with me! I’ve had my “off again”, “on again” periods of highs and lows with sugar, but I’m happy to say I’m once again living a sugar free joyful life thanks to your wonderful support!

Tammy Morse, CentennialColorado

“Karly Randolph Pitman provides an incredible blend of compassion teachings and the practical how-to’s of releasing yourself from painful addictive patterns. Her work is perfect for people at all stages of healing.

“I found her when I was in the depths of despair with sugar addiction and have continued to benefit so fully from her work in the years of healing that lead up to the present. She is a gift to all who encounter her, and I can’t imagine where I would be now without her knowledge, experience, and love.

“Karly’s treasure is that she has lived through everything herself, thus knowing the subject so intimately that she can dive deeper than most others and pinpoint crucial obstacles and opportunities within all of her students.

“I highly recommend her work to anyone who feels there is something for them to learn in their relationship with sugar!”

Kelley Neumann, BoulderColorado

“I have struggled with disordered eating, body image distortion and the dark places of shame for 30 years. There have been abundant victories in my life, yet this problem has persisted. Karly has offered me healing and hope unlike any book, therapist, workshop, medical practitioner, or supplement ever could.

“I have learned to trust, love, and appreciate my own heart throughout each precious moment of my life. I not only know, but live from my heart, not from a intellectual, external idea that belongs to someone else. Karly has given me the support to live with compassion and passion. She is a profound and gifted healer.”

Mimi Leeds Quiroga, wellness coach, therapist, HoustonTexas

“Karly’s deeply compassionate heart, makes her abilities unsurpassed in addressing the sensitive issues connected to our painful eating habits and body image.

“Her comprehensive and holistic mind, body and spirit approach, provided me with the tools I needed to move gently and lovingly down the path of healing. I greatly appreciate the gifts she so lovingly and generously shares.”

Joan JacobsLife Coach/Louise Hay Workshop LeaderNashville, Tennessee

“Karly is a pioneer, with what I consider to be a holistic, grounded and complete program for sugar sensitives like myself.

Until I found Karly, I did not use the phrase sugar sensitive. Karly has helped me to grow and blossom and heal in a natural, organic healthy way. I have been inspired by her courage in sharing her strengths and her weaknesses. She has shown me by example that I do not need to be “Perfect” to live a full, successful life.

Karly has taught me that becoming binge free is a process and I find that my desire to sooth myself with food has diminished and been replaced with loving self care most of the time. Thank you Karly!

Rhianne NewLahnd, Sedona, ArizonaArizona

Patrice McCarthyI have read everyone it seems for many decades – but you Karly, are the ONLY one I have ever felt uncovers the emotional matters of the heart. There is no thing or no person out there that
gets this most intimate part of the emotional struggle – self love and acceptance – like you. You shine a warm beacon of loving light on the deep wounds of the soul. Self-loving…needs what you offer.

You are so inspiring to me and have helped me very much.

Patrice McCarthy, Houston, Texas